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  • Algorithmic aspects of natural language processing 

    Nederhof, Mark Jan; Satta, Giorgio (CRC Press, 2010) - Book item
  • Algorithms for optimising heterogeneous Cloud virtual machine clusters 

    Thai, Long Thanh; Varghese, Blesson; Barker, Adam David (IEEE, 2016-12-12) - Conference item
    It is challenging to execute an application in a heterogeneous cloud cluster, which consists of multiple types of virtual machines with different performance capabilities and prices. This paper aims to mitigate this challenge ...
  • All across the circle : using auto-ordering to improve object transfer between mobile devices 

    Li, Chengzhao; Gutwin, Carl; Stanley, Kevin; Nacenta, Miguel (Canadian Human-Computer Communications Society, 2016-06-01) - Conference item
    People frequently form small groups in many social and professional situations: from conference attendees meeting at a coffee break, to siblings gathering at a family barbecue. These ad-hoc gatherings typically form into ...
  • Analysing the history of autism spectrum disorder using topic models 

    Beykikhoshk, Adham; Phung, Dinh; Arandelovic, Ognjen; Venkatesh, Svetha (IEEE, 2016-10-17) - Conference item
    We describe a novel framework for the discovery of underlying topics of a longitudinal collection of scholarly data,and the tracking of their lifetime and popularity over time. Unlike the social media or news data, as the ...
  • Analyticity, balance and non-admissibility of Cut in Stoic Logic 

    Bobzien, Susanne; Dyckhoff, Roy (2018-04-20) - Journal article
    This paper shows that, for the Hertz-Gentzen Systems of 1933 (without Thinning), extended by a classical rule T1 (from the Stoics) and using certain axioms (also from the Stoics), all derivations are analytic: every cut ...
  • Ancient Roman coin recognition in the wild using deep learning based recognition of artistically depicted face profiles 

    Schlag, Imanol; Arandelovic, Ognjen (IEEE, 2017-10-29) - Conference item
    As a particularly interesting application in the realm of cultural heritage on the one hand, and a technically challenging problem, computer vision based analysis of Roman Imperial coins has been attracting an increasing ...
  • Ancient Roman coin retrieval : a systematic examination of the effects of coin grade 

    Fare, Callum; Arandelovic, Ognjen (Springer, 2017-04-13) - Conference item
    Ancient coins are historical artefacts of great significance which attract the interest of scholars, and a large and growing number of amateur collectors. Computer vision based analysis and retrieval of ancient coins holds ...
  • Anti-Müllerian hormone serum concentrations of women with germline BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations 

    Phillips, K-A; Collins, I M; Milne, R L; McLachlan, S A; Friedlander, M; Hickey, M; Stern, C; Hopper, J L; Fisher, R; Kannemeyer, G; Picken, S; Smith, C D; Kelsey, Thomas William; Anderson, R A (2016-05) - Journal article
    Study question: Do women with BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations have reduced ovarian reserve, as measured by circulating anti-müllerian hormone (AMH) concentration?  Summary answer: Women with a germline mutation in BRCA1 have ...
  • An application of formal concept analysis to neural decoding 

    Endres, D M; Foldiak, Peter; Priss, U (CEUR-WS, 2008) - Conference item
    This paper proposes a novel application of Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) to neural decoding: the semantic relationships between the neural representations of large sets of stimuli are explored using concept lattices. In ...
  • Applications of real number theorem proving in PVS 

    Gottliebsen, Hanne; Hardy, Ruth; Lightfoot, Olga; Martin, Ursula (2013-11) - Journal article
    Real number theorem proving has many uses, particularly for verification of safety critical systems and systems for which design errors may be costly. We discuss a chain of developments building on real number theorem ...
  • An approach to ad hoc cloud computing 

    Kirby, Graham; Dearle, Alan; Macdonald, Angus; Fernandes, Alvaro (University of St Andrews, 2010-02-25) - Report
    We consider how underused computing resources within an enterprise may be harnessed to improve utilization and create an elastic computing infrastructure. Most current cloud provision involves a data center model, in which ...
  • Aptamer-conjugated, fluorescent gold nanorods as potential cancer theradiagnostic agents 

    Gallina, Maria Elena; Zhou, Yu; Johnson, Christopher J; Harris-Birtill, David; Singh, Mohan; Zhao, Hailin; Ma, Daqing; Cass, Tony; Elson, Daniel S (2016-02-01) - Journal article
    GNRs are emerging as a new class of probes for theradiagnostic applications thanks to their unique optical properties. However, the achievement of proper nanoconstructs requires the synthesis of highly pure GNRs with ...
  • ArchWare ADL release 1 : A user reference manual 

    Balasubramaniam, Dharini; Morrison, Ronald; Kirby, Graham Njal Cameron; Mickan, K; Norcross, Stuart John (ArchWare Project IST-2001-32360, 2004) - Report
    This documentation of deliverable D4.3 is intended to serve as a user reference manual for the first release of ArchWare ADL.
  • Are Clouds ready to accelerate ad hoc financial simulations? 

    Varghese, Blesson; Barker, Adam David (IEEE Computer Society, 2014-08-12) - Conference item
    Applications employed in the financial services industry to capture and estimate a variety of risk metrics are underpinned by stochastic simulations which are data, memory and computationally intensive. Many of these ...
  • The ASPECTA toolkit : affordable Full Coverage Displays 

    Petford, Julian; Nacenta, Miguel; Gutwin, Carl; Eremondi, Joseph; Ede, Cody (ACM, 2016-06-20) - Conference item
    Full Coverage Displays (FCDs) cover the interior surface of an entire room with pixels. FCDs make possible many new kinds of immersive display experiences - but current technology for building FCDs is expensive and complex, ...
  • Attributing changes in the distribution of species abundance to weather variables using the example of British breeding birds 

    Oedekoven, Cornelia S.; Elston, David A.; Harrison, Philip J.; Brewer, Mark J.; Buckland, Stephen T.; Johnston, Alison; Foster, Simon; Pearce-Higgins, James W. (2017-12) - Journal article
    1. Modelling spatio-temporal changes in species abundance and attributing those changes to potential drivers such as climate, is an important but difficult problem. The standard approach for incorporating climatic variables ...
  • Audience research and social media data : Opportunities and challenges 

    Procter, Rob; Voss, Alexander; Lvov, Ilia (2015-05) - Journal article
    The widespread adoption of social media platforms and other information and communication technology innovations not only pose new challenges for audience researchers but also provide exciting opportunities to re-invigorate ...
  • Augmented learning roads for internet routing 

    McCaffery, John Philip; Miller, Alan Henry David; Oliver, Iain Angus; Allison, Colin (IEEE, 2014-10) - Conference item
    As the Internet continues to establish itself as a utility, like power, transport or water, it becomes increasingly important to provide an engaging educational experience about its operation for students in related STEM ...
  • Automated data gathering and training tool for personalized "Itchy Nose" 

    lee, Juyoung; Yeo, Hui Shyong; Starner, Thad; Quigley, Aaron John; Kunze, Kai; Woo, Woontack (ACM, 2018-02-07) - Conference item
    In "Itchy Nose" we proposed a sensing technique for detecting finger movements on the nose for supporting subtle and discreet interaction. It uses the electrooculography sensors embedded in the frame of a pair of eyeglasses ...
  • Automatic alignment of hieroglyphs and transliteration 

    Nederhof, Mark Jan (Gorgias Press, 2009-02) - Book item
    Automatic alignment has important applications in philology, facilitating study of texts on the basis of electronic resources produced by different scholars. A simple technique is presented to realise such alignment for ...