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  • The C-F bond as a conformational probe in agonist receptor interactions. 

    Chia, Poh Wai (University of St Andrews, 2012-06-20) - Thesis
    Chapter 1 gives an introduction on the physical and electronic properties of fluorine and the C-F bond. The application of fluorine in organic chemistry, which is mainly attributed to the electronic properties of fluorine ...
  • Three step synthesis of single diastereoisomers of the vicinal trifluoro motif 

    Brunet, Vincent A.; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; O'Hagan, David (2009-11-05) - Journal article
    A three step route to single diastereoisomers of the vicinal trifluoromethyl motif is described. The route starts from either syn- or anti-alpha,beta-epoxy alcohols and takes a direct approach in that each of the three ...