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  • Modeling distribution and abundance of Antarctic baleen whales using ships of opportunity 

    Williams, Robert; Hedley, Sharon L.; Hammond, Philip Steven (2006-06) - Journal article
    Information on animal abundance and distribution is at the cornerstone of many wildlife and conservation strategies. However, these data can be difficult and costly to obtain for cetacean species. The expense of sufficient ...
  • Underwater ambient noise in a baleen whale migratory habitat off the Azores 

    Romagosa, Miriam; Cascão, Irma; Merchant, Nathan D.; Lammers, Marc O.; Giacomello, Eva; Marques, Tiago A.; Silva, Mónica A. (2017-04-25) - Journal article
    Assessment of underwater noise is of particular interest given the increase in noise-generating human activities and the potential negative effects on marine mammals which depend on sound for many vital processes. The ...