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  • Age, life-satisfaction and relative income : insights from the UK and Germany 

    FitzRoy, Felix R; Nolan, Michael; Steinhardt, Max F. (University of St Andrews, 2011-10) - Working or discussion paper
    We first confirm previous results with the German Socio-Economic Panel by Layard et al. (2010), and obtain strong negative effects of comparison income. However, when we split the sample by age, we find quite different ...
  • Endogenous Price Flexibility and Optimal Monetary Policy 

    Sutherland, Alan; Senay, Ozge (Centre for Dynamic Macroeconomic Analysis, 2010) - Working or discussion paper
    Much of the literature on optimal monetary policy uses models in which the degree of nominal price flexibility is exogenous. There are, however, good reasons to suppose that the degree of price flexibility adjusts endogenously ...
  • Testing the Tunnel Effect : comparison, age and happiness in UK and German panels 

    FitzRoy, Felix R; Nolan, Michael A.; Steinhardt, Max F.; Ulph, David Tregear (University of St Andrews, 2013-06) - Working or discussion paper
    In contrast to previous results combining all ages we find positive effects of comparison income on happiness for the under 45s, and negative effects for those over 45. In the BHPS these coefficients are several times the ...