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  • Dynamics of sex ratio and female unmatedness under haplodiploidy 

    Gardner, Andy (2014-05) - Journal article
    Haplodiploid sex determination allows unmated females to produce sons. Consequently, a scarcity of males may lead to a significant proportion of females remaining unmated, which may in turn give rise to a surfeit of males ...
  • A unified framework for modelling wildlife population dynamics 

    Thomas, Len; Buckland, Stephen T.; Newman, KB; Harwood, John (2005) - Journal article
    This paper proposes a unified framework for defining and fitting stochastic, discrete-time, discrete-stage population dynamics models. The biological system is described by a state–space model, where the true but unknown ...
  • Waste land: theological reflection on brownfield rehabilitation 

    Ede, Paul (St Mary's College, University of St Andrews, 2012-06-01) - Journal article
    In counterpoint to the preceding papers, Paul Ede offers a reflection on the relationship between contemporary ecology and Christology. His paper draws on his experience of involvement with a community church in the ...