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  • Continental growth and the crustal record 

    Hawkesworth, Chris; Cawood, Peter; Dhuime, Bruno (2013-12-08) - Journal item
    The continental crust is the archive of Earth history. The spatial and temporal distribution of the Earth's record of rock units and events is heterogeneous with distinctive peaks and troughs in the distribution of ages ...
  • Large rivers and orogens : The evolution of the Yarlung Tsangpo–Irrawaddy system and the eastern Himalayan syntaxis 

    Robinson, Ruth Alison Joyce; Brezina, Cynthia Anne; Parrish, Randall; Horstwood, Matthew; Win Oo, Nay; Bird, Michael Ian; Thein, Myint; Walters, Abigail; Oliver, Grahame John Henderson; Zaw, Khin (2014-07) - Journal article
    The eastern Himalayan syntaxis has experienced some of the highest rates of deformation and erosion in the orogen during the Late Cenozoic, and the Yarlung Tsangpo, Brahmaputra, Irrawaddy, Salween, and Mekong rivers are ...
  • Luminescence spectroscopy of natural and synthetic REE-bearing minerals 

    Friis, Henrik (University of St Andrews, 2009-06-25) - Thesis
    This study investigates the photoluminescence (PL), cathodoluminescence (CL), radioluminescence (RL) and ionoluminescence (IL) of natural and synthetic minerals. The natural minerals (fluorapatite, leucophanite, meliphanite ...