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  • Correlating Pt-P bond lengths and Pt-P coupling constants 

    Waddell, Paul G.; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; Woollins, J. Derek (2010-08-16) - Journal article
    The X-ray structures of (5) cis-PtBr2(P(OMe)(3))(2), (6) cis-PtBr2(P(OMe)(2)Ph)(2), (7) cis-PtBr2(P(OMe)Ph-2)(2), (8) cis-PtBr2(PPh3)(2), (9) cis-PtI2(P(OMe)(3))(2), (10) cis-PtI2(P(OMe)(2)Ph)(2), (11) cis-PtI2(P(OMe)Ph-2)(2) ...
  • A transient homotypic interaction model for the influenza A virus NS1 protein effector domain 

    Kerry, Philip S.; Ayllon, Juan; Taylor, Margaret A.; Hass, Claudia; Lewis, Andrew; Garcia-Sastre, Adolfo; Randall, Richard E.; Hale, Benjamin G.; Russell, Rupert J. (2011-03-28) - Journal article
    Influenza A virus NS1 protein is a multifunctional virulence factor consisting of an RNA binding domain (RBD), a short linker, an effector domain (ED), and a C-terminal 'tail'. Although poorly understood, NS1 multimerization ...