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  • The Big Society, localism and housing policy : recasting state-citizen relations in an age of austerity (Special Issue Editor) 

    McKee, Kim (2015) - Journal article
    “The Big Society, Localism and Housing Policy” was the theme of a seminar series funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (2012-14) in the UK. A collaborative venture between the Universities of St Andrews, ...
  • Briefing 1: The Big Society and Welfare Reform 

    McKee, Kim; Moore, Tom; Muir, Jenny (University of St Andrews, 2014-07-08) - Report
  • Endogenous price flexibility and optimal monetary policy 

    Senay, Ozge; Sutherland, Alan (2010-11) - Working or discussion paper
    Much of the literature on optimal monetary policy uses models in which the degree of nominal price flexibility is exogenous. There are, however, good reasons to suppose that the degree of price flexibility adjusts endogenously ...
  • Growing through subsidies 

    Aloi, Marta; Lasselle, Laurence (School of Economics and Finance, University of St Andrews., 2001) - Working or discussion paper
    We consider an overlapping generation model based on Matsuyama (1999) and show that, whenever actual capital accumulation falls below its balanced growth path, subsidising innovators by taxing consumers has stabilising ...
  • Interest rate rules and welfare in open economies 

    Senay, Ozge (2008-07) - Journal article
    This paper analyses the welfare performance of a set of five alternative interest rate rules in an open economy stochastic dynamic general equilibrium model with nominal rigidities. A rule with a lagged interest rate term, ...
  • Spatial competition and social welfare in the presence of non-monotonic network effects 

    Savorelli, Luca; Seifert, Jacob (University of St Andrews, 2017-06-02) - Working or discussion paper
    We study a spatial duopoly and extend the literature by giving joint consideration to non-monotonic network effects and endogenous firm location decisions. We show that the presence of network effects (capturing, for ...
  • Testing the tunnel effect : comparison, age and happiness in UK and German panels 

    FitzRoy, Felix R; Nolan, Michael; Steinhardt, Max; Ulph, David Tregear (2014-12-30) - Journal article
    In contrast to previous results combining all ages, we find positive effects of comparison income on happiness for the under 45s and negative effects for those over 45. In the UK, these coefficients are several times the ...
  • Welfare economics and bounded rationality : The case for model-based approaches 

    Manzini, Paola; Mariotti, Marco (2014-12) - Journal article
    In this paper we examine the problems facing a policy maker who observes inconsistent choices made by agents who are boundedly rational. We contrast a model-less and a model-based approach to welfare economics. We make the ...