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  • Efficient colour routing with a dispersion-controlled waveguide array 

    Liu, Yi-Kun; Wang, Si-Cong; Li, Yong-Yao; Song, Li-Yan; Xie, Xiang-Sheng; Feng, Ming-Neng; Xiao, Zhi-Ming; Deng, Shao-Zhi; Zhou, Jian-Ying; Li, Jun-Tao; Wong, Kam Sing; Krauss, Thomas F. (2013-02) - Journal article
    Splitting white light into its constituent spectral components has been of interest ever since Newton first discovered the phenomenon of color separation. Many devices have since been conceived to achieve efficient wavelength ...
  • Propagation loss in slow light photonic crystal waveguides 

    Schulz, Sebastian Andreas (University of St Andrews, 2012-06-20) - Thesis
    The field of nanophotonics is a major research topic, as it offers potential solutions to important challenges, such as the creation of low power, high bandwidth interconnects or optical sensors. Within ...