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  • Enhanced 1.54 mu m emission in Y-Er disilicate thin films on silicon photonic crystal cavities 

    Lo Savio, R.; Miritello, M.; Shakoor, A.; Cardile, P.; Welna, K.; Andreani, L. C.; Gerace, D.; Krauss, T. F.; O'Faolain, L.; Priolo, F.; Galli, M. (2013-04-22) - Journal article
    We introduce an Y-Er disilicate thin film deposited on top of a silicon photonic crystal cavity as a gain medium for active silicon photonic devices. Using photoluminescence analysis, we demonstrate that Er luminescence ...
  • Field line resonances in the earth's magnetosphere driven by convectively unstable magnetospheric waveguide modes 

    McRobbie, Mairi Catriona (University of St Andrews, 2002-07) - Thesis
    Shear flow instabilities, such as Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities, occurring on the Earth’s magnetospheric flanks may cause fast magnetosonic wave modes to propagate through the non-homogeneous environment of the Earth’s ...
  • Yb:tungstate waveguide lasers 

    Bain, Fiona Mair (University of St Andrews, 2010-11-30) - Thesis
    Lasers find a wide range of applications in many areas including photo-biology, photo-chemistry, materials processing, imaging and telecommunications. However, the practical use of such sources is often limited by the ...