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  • Pilot whales attracted to killer whales sounds : acoustically-mediated interspecific interactions in cetaceans 

    Curé, Charlotte; Antunes, Ricardo Nuno; Samarra, Filipa Isabel Pereira; Alves, Ana Catarina De Carvalho; Visser, Fleur; Kvadsheim, Petter H.; Miller, Patrick (2012-12-26) - Journal article
    In cetaceans’ communities, interactions between individuals of different species are often observed in the wild. Yet, due to methodological and technical challenges very little is known about the mediation of these ...
  • Skin temperature changes in wild chimpanzees upon hearing vocalizations of conspecifics 

    Dezecache, Guillaume; Zuberbuhler, Klaus; Davila-Ross, Marina; Dahl, Christoph D. (2017-01) - Journal article
    A growing trend of research using infra-red thermography (IRT) has shown that changes in skin temperature, associated with activity of the autonomic nervous system, can be reliably detected in human and non-human animals. ...
  • Social learning of vocal structure in a nonhuman primate? 

    Lemasson, Alban; Ouattara, Karim; Petit, Eric J.; Zuberbuehler, Klaus (2011-12-16) - Journal article
    Background: Non-human primate communication is thought to be fundamentally different from human speech, mainly due to vast differences in vocal control. The lack of these abilities in non-human primates is especially ...