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  • Acoustic sequences in non-human animals : a tutorial review and prospectus 

    Kershenbaum, Arik; Blumstein, Dan; Roch, Marie; Akçay, Çaglar; Backus, Gregory; Bee, Mark A.; Bohn, Kirsten; Cao, Yan; Carter, Gerald; Cäsar, Cristiane; Coen, Michael; De Ruiter, Stacy Lynn; Doyle, Laurance; Edelman, Shimon; Ferrer-i-Cancho, Ramon; Freeberg, Todd M.; Garland, Ellen Clare; Gustison, Morgan; Harley, Heidi E.; Huetz, Chloé; Hughes, Melissa; Bruno, Julia Hyland; Ilany, Amiyaal; Jin, Dezhe Z.; Johnson, Michael; Ju, Chenghui; Karnowski, Jeremy; Lohr, Bernard; Manser, Marta; McCowan, Brenda; Mercado III, Eduardo; Narins, Peter M.; Piel, Alex; Rice, Megan; Salmi, Roberta; Sasahara, Kazutoshi; Sayigh, Laela; Shiu, Yu; Taylor, Charles; Vallejo, Edgar E.; Waller, Sara; Zamora-Gutierrez, Veronica (2016-02) - Journal article
    Animal acoustic communication often takes the form of complex sequences, made up of multiple distinct acoustic units. Apart from the well-known example of birdsong, other animals such as insects, amphibians,and mammals ...
  • Exorcising Grice's ghost : an empirical approach to studying intentional communication in animals 

    Townsend, Simon W.; Koski, Sonja E.; Byrne, Richard W.; Slocombe, Katie E.; Bickel, Balthasar; Boeckle, Markus; Braga Goncalves, Ines; Burkart, Judith M.; Flower, Tom; Gaunet, Florence; Glock, Hans Johann; Gruber, Thibaud; Jansen, David A. W. A. M.; Liebal, Katja; Linke, Angelika; Miklósi, Ádám; Moore, Richard; van Schaik, Carel P.; Stoll, Sabine; Vail, Alex; Waller, Bridget M.; Wild, Markus; Zuberbühler, Klaus; Manser, Marta B. (2017-08) - Journal article
    Language's intentional nature has been highlighted as a crucial feature distinguishing it from other communication systems. Specifically, language is often thought to depend on highly structured intentional action and ...
  • Pant-grunts in wild chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii): the vocal development of a social signal 

    Laporte, Marion N.C. (University of St Andrews, 2011-06-21) - Thesis
    While the gestural communication of apes is widely recognised as intentional and flexible, their vocal communication still remains considered as mostly genetically determined and emotionally bound. Trying to limit the ...