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  • Comparing motion induction in lateral motion and motion in depth 

    Harris, Julie; German, KJ (2008-02) - Journal article
    Induced motion, the apparent motion of an object when a nearby object moves, has been shown to occur in a variety of different conditions, including motion in depth. Here we explore whether similar patterns of induced ...
  • Public support for conserving bird species runs counter to climate change impacts on their distributions 

    Lundhede, Thomas Hedemark; Jacobsen, Jette Bredahl; Hanley, Nicholas David; Fjeldsa, Jon; Rahbek, Carsten; Strange, Niels; Thorsen, Bo Jellesmark (2014-07-01) - Journal article
    There is increasing evidence that global climate change will alter the spatiotemporal occurrences and abundances of many species at continental scales. This will have implications for efficient conservation of biodiversity. ...
  • Velocity in the long run : money and structural transformation 

    Mele, Antonio; Stefanski, Radoslaw (Radek) (University of St Andrews, 2016-07-28) - Working or discussion paper
    Monetary velocity declines as economies grow. We argue that this is due to the process of structural transformation - the shift of workers from agricultural to non-agricultural production associated with rising income. A ...