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  • Generating continuous mappings with Lipschitz mappings 

    Cichon, J; Mitchell, James David; Morayne, M (2007-05) - Journal article
    If X is a metric space, then C-X and L-X denote the semigroups of continuous and Lipschitz mappings, respectively, from X to itself. The relative rank of C-X modulo L-X is the least cardinality of any set U\L-X where U ...
  • Idempotent rank in the endomorphism monoid of a non-uniform partition 

    Dolinka, Igor; East, James; Mitchell, James D. (2016-02) - Journal article
    We calculate the rank and idempotent rank of the semigroup E(X,P) generated by the idempotents of the semigroup T(X,P), which consists of all transformations of the finite set X preserving a non-uniform partition P. We ...
  • Permutation groups and transformation semigroups : results and problems 

    Araujo, Joao; Cameron, Peter Jephson (Cambridge University Press, 2015-10) - Book item
    J.M. Howie, the influential St Andrews semigroupist, claimed that we value an area of pure mathematics to the extent that (a) it gives rise to arguments that are deep and elegant, and (b) it has interesting interconnections ...