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  • Efficient single photon collection using a μ-fiber-coupled microcavity 

    Lee, Chang Min; Lim, Hee Jin; Schneider, Christian; Maier, Sebastian; Höfling, Sven; Kamp, Martin; Lee, Yong Hee (IEEE, 2016-01-07) - Conference item
    Efficient single photon collection is demonstrated based on a μ-fiber-coupled photonic crystal cavity. 249 kHz of single photons are detected, and estimated single photon count rate (overall collection efficiency) is 20 ...
  • Facilitating a well-founded approach to autonomic systems 

    Dobson, Simon (IEEE Computer Society, 2008-04) - Conference item
    While it is desirable for all computing and communications systems to have well-defined and verifiable behaviour, autonomic systems must additionally guarantee that their adaptive behaviour is correct, both in the sense ...
  • Giant photon bunching, superradiant pulse emission, and excitation trapping in quantum-dot nanolasers 

    Jahnke, Frank; Gies, Christopher; Aßmann, Marc; Bayer, Manfred; Leymann, H A M; Foerster, Alexander; Wiersig, Jan; Schneider, Christian; Kamp, Martin; Hoefling, Sven (2016-05-10) - Journal article
    Light is often characterized only by its classical properties, like intensity or coherence. When looking at its quantum properties, described by photon correlations, new information about the state of the matter generating ...
  • High-energy side-peak emission of exciton-polariton condensates in high density regime 

    Horikiri, Tomoyuki; Yamaguchi, Makoto; Kamide, Kenji; Matsuo, Yasuhiro; Byrnes, Tim; Ishida, Natsuko; Löffler, Andreas; Hoefling, Sven; Shikano, Yutaka; Ogawa, Tetsuo; Forchel, Alfred; Yamamoto, Yoshihisa (2016-05-19) - Journal article
    In a standard semiconductor laser, electrons and holes recombine via stimulated emission to emit coherent light, in a process that is far from thermal equilibrium. Exciton-polariton condensates -- sharing the same basic ...
  • Nuclear Energy in the UK : A Review 

    McCauley, Darren Andrew; Heffron, Raphael; North, Pete; Plater, Andy (International Energy Justice Council, 2013-09-01) - Report