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  • Characterization of aluminum doped lithium-manganese rich composites for higher rate lithium-ion cathodes 

    Iftekhar, M.; Drewett, N. E.; Armstrong, Robert; Hesp, D.; Braga, F.; Ahmed, S.; Hardwick, L. J. (2014-10-06) - Journal article
    The effect of synthesis method and aluminum doping on layered lithium-manganese rich, mixed metal oxides is presented. Co-precipitation and sol-gel synthesized lithium-manganese rich composite materials revealed differences ...
  • Cut-elimination, substitution and normalisation 

    Dyckhoff, Roy (Springer, 2015) - Book item
    We present a proof (of the main parts of which there is a formal version, checked with the Isabelle proof assistant) that, for a G3-style calculus covering all of intuitionistic zero-order logic, with an associated term ...
  • Substitution-closed pattern classes 

    Atkinson, M.D.; Ruskuc, Nik; Smith, R (2011-02) - Journal article
    The substitution closure of a pattern class is the class of all permutations obtained by repeated substitution. The principal pattern classes (those defined by a single restriction) whose substitution closure can be defined ...