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  • Choice by lexicographic semiorders 

    Manzini, Paola; Mariotti, Marco (2012-01) - Journal article
    In Tversky’s (1969) model of a lexicographic semiorder, a preference is generated via the sequential application of numerical criteria by declaring an alternative x better than an alternative y if the first criterion that ...
  • Satisficing choice procedures 

    Papi, Mauro (2012-09) - Journal article
    Standard choice theory assumes that the budget set is known to the decision-maker in advance. In contrast, we develop a model in which alternatives are examined sequentially and decision-makers exhibit `satisficing' ...
  • Two-stage threshold representations 

    Manzini, Paola; Mariotti, Marco; Tyson, Christopher (2013-09) - Journal article
    We study two-stage choice procedures in which the decision maker first preselects the alternatives whose values according to a criterion pass a menu-dependent threshold, and then maximizes a second criterion to narrow the ...