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  • Dissection of genetic associations with language-related traits in population-based cohorts 

    Paracchini, Silvia (2011) - Journal item
    Recent advances in the field of language-related disorders have led to the identification of candidate genes for specific language impairment (SLI) and dyslexia. Replication studies have been conducted in independent samples ...
  • Genetic analysis of life-history constraint and evolution in a wild ungulate population 

    Morrissey, Michael Blair; Walling, Craig; Wilson, Alastair; Pemberton, Josephine; Clutton-Brock, Tim; Kruuk, Loeske (2012-04) - Journal article
    Trade-offs among life-history traits are central to evolutionary theory. In quantitative genetic terms, trade-offs may be manifested as negative genetic covariances relative to the direction of selection on phenotypic ...
  • Genetic tools for studying adaptation and the evolution of behavior 

    Boake, C R B; Arnold, S J; Breden, F; Meffert, L M; Ritchie, M G; Taylor, B J; Wolf, J B; Moore, A J (2002-12) - Journal item
    The rapid expansion of genomic and molecular genetic techniques in model organisms, and the application of these techniques to organisms that are less well studied genetically, make it possible to understand the genetic ...