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  • Adaptive network traffic management for multi user virtual environments 

    Oliver, Iain Angus (University of St Andrews, 2011-11-30) - Thesis
    Multi User Virtual Environments (MUVE) are a new class of Internet application with a significant user base. This thesis adds to our understanding of how MUVE network traffic fits into the mix of Internet traffic, and how ...
  • Measuring QoS in Web-Based Virtual Worlds : an evaluation of Unity 3D web builds 

    Bakri, Hussein; Allison, Colin (ACM, 2016-05-10) - Conference item
    Web Based Virtual Worlds (WBVW) provide users with an immersive 3D experience through their regular browser. They can be seen as prototypes for the 3D Web. This paper uses key Quality of Service metrics to compare and ...
  • Virtual worlds, real traffic : interaction and adaptation 

    Oliver, Iain Angus; Miller, Alan Henry David; Allison, Colin (ACM, 2010) - Conference item
    Metaverses such as Second Life (SL) are a relatively new type of Internet application. Their functionality is similar to online 3D games but differs in that users are able to construct the environment their avatars inhabit ...