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6-Aug-2015The accretion dynamics of EX Lupi in quiescence : the star, the spot, and the accretion columnSicilia-Aguilar, Aurora; Fang, Min; Roccatagliata, Veronica; Collier Cameron, Andrew; Kóspál, Ágnes; Henning, Thomas; Ábrahám, Peter; Sipos, NikolettaJournal article
14-Jan-2014CO ro-vibrational lines in HD 100546 A search for disc asymmetries and the role of fluorescenceHein Bertelsen, R.P.; Kamp, I.; Goto, M.; Van Der Plas, G.; Thi, W.-F.; Waters, L.B.F.M.; Van Den Ancker, M.E.; Woitke, P.Journal article
10-Jul-2014Constraining the structure of the transition disk HD 135344B (SAO 206462) by simultaneous modeling of multiwavelength gas and dust observationsCarmona, A.; Pinte, C.; Thi, W.F.; Benisty, M.; Ménard, F.; Grady, C.; Kamp, I.; Woitke, P.; Olofsson, J.; Roberge, A.; Brittain, S.; Duchêne, G.; Meeus, G.; Martin-Zaïdi, C.; Dent, B.; Le Bouquin, J.B.; Berger, J.P.Journal article
1-Apr-2014CSI 2264 : Simultaneous optical and infrared light curves of young disk-bearing stars in NGC 2264 with CoRoT and Spitzer - Evidence for multiple origins of variabilityCody, A.M.; Stauffer, J.; Baglin, A.; Micela, G.; Rebull, L.M.; Flaccomio, E.; Morales-Calderón, M.; Aigrain, S.; Bouvier, J.; Hillenbrand, L.A.; Gutermuth, R.; Song, I.; Turner, N.; Alencar, S.H.P.; Zwintz, K.; Plavchan, P.; Carpenter, J.; Findeisen, K.; Carey, S.; Terebey, S.; Hartmann, L.; Calvet, N.; Teixeira, P.; Vrba, F.J.; Wolk, S.; Covey, K.; Poppenhaeger, K.; Günther, H.M.; Forbrich, J.; Whitney, B.; Affer, L.; Herbst, W.; Hora, J.; Barrado, D.; Holtzman, J.; Marchis, F.; Wood, K.; Guimarães, M.M.; Lillo Box, J.; Gillen, E.; McQuillan, A.; Espaillat, C.; Allen, L.; D'Alessio, P.; Favata, F.Journal article
10-Jul-2014The disk around the brown dwarf KPNO TAU 3Broekhoven-Fiene, H.; Matthews, B.; Duchêne, G.; Di Francesco, J.; Scholz, A.; Chrysostomou, A.; Jayawardhana, R.Journal article
1-May-2014Diversity in the outcome of dust radial drift in protoplanetary discsPinte, C.; Laibe, G.Journal article
21-Oct-2014Dust and gas mixtures with multiple grain species - a one-fluid approachLaibe, Guillaume; Price, Daniel J.Journal article
20-Aug-2014An enigmatic pointlike feature within the HD 169142 transitional diskBiller, Beth A.; Males, Jared; Rodigas, Timothy; Morzinski, Katie; Close, Laird M.; Juhász, Attila; Follette, Katherine B.; Lacour, Sylvestre; Benisty, Myriam; Sicilia-Aguilar, Aurora; Hinz, Philip M.; Weinberger, Alycia; Henning, Thomas; Pott, Jörg-Uwe; Bonnefoy, Mickaël; Köhler, RainerJournal article
Jan-2014Gas lines from the 5-Myr old optically thin disk around HD 141569A Herschel observations and modelingThi, W.-F.; Pinte, C.; Pantin, E.; Augereau, J.C.; Meeus, G.; Ménard, F.; Martin-Zaïdi, C.; Woitke, P.; Riviere-Marichalar, P.; Kamp, I.; Carmona, A.; Sandell, G.; Eiroa, C.; Dent, W.; Montesinos, B.; Aresu, G.; Meijerink, R.; Spaans, M.; White, G.; Ardila, D.; Lebreton, J.; Mendigutía, I.; Brittain, S.Journal article
1-Jun-2014Herschel evidence for disk flattening or gas depletion in transitional disksKeane, J.T.; Pascucci, I.; Espaillat, C.; Woitke, P.; Andrews, S.; Kamp, I.; Thi, W.-F.; Meeus, G.; Dent, W.R.F.Journal article
Jan-2015The Herschel/PACS view of the Cep OB2 region : global protoplanetary disk evolution and clumpy star formationSicilia-Aguilar, Aurora; Roccatagliata, Veronica; Getman, Konstantin; Rivière-Marichalar, Pablo; Birnstiel, Tilman; Merín, Bruno; Fang, Min; Henning, Thomas; Eiroa, Carlos; Currie, ThayneJournal article
19-Jun-2007Monte Carlo radiation transfer studies of protoplanetary environmentsWalker, Christina H.Thesis
12-Sep-2013Nature of the gas and dust around 51 Ophiuchi : modelling continuum and Herschel line observationsThi, W.F.; Ménard, F.; Meeus, G.; Carmona, A.; Riviere-Marichalar, P.; Augereau, J.-C.; Kamp, I.; Woitke, P.; Pinte, C.; Mendigutía, I.; Eiroa, C.; Montesinos, B.; Britain, S.; Dent, W.Journal article
1-Jun-2014[OI] disk emission in the Taurus star-forming regionAresu, G.; Kamp, I.; Meijerink, R.; Spaans, M.; Vicente, S.; Podio, L.; Woitke, P.; Menard, F.; Thi, W.-F.; Güdel, M.; Liebhart, A.Journal article
14-Apr-2014On the structure of the transition disk around TW HydraeMenu, J.; Van Boekel, R.; Henning, T.; Chandler, C.J.; Linz, H.; Benisty, M.; Lacour, S.; Min, M.; Waelkens, C.; Andrews, S.M.; Calvet, N.; Carpenter, J.M.; Corder, S.A.; Deller, A.T.; Greaves, J.S.; Harris, R.J.; Isella, A.; Kwon, W.; Lazio, J.; Le Bouquin, J.-B.; Ménard, F.; Mundy, L.G.; Pérez, L.M.; Ricci, L.; Sargent, A.I.; Storm, S.; Testi, L.; Wilner, D.J.Journal article
10-Mar-2014Probing the gaseous disk of T Tau N with CN 5-4 linesPodio, L.; Kamp, I.; Codella, C.; Nisini, B.; Aresu, G.; Brittain, S.; Cabrit, S.; Dougados, C.; Grady, C.; Meijerink, R.; Sandell, G.; Spaans, M.; Thi, W.-F.; White, G.J.; Woitke, P.Journal article
20-Aug-2013Protoplanetary disk masses from stars to brown dwarfsMohanty, Subhanjoy; Greaves, Jane; Mortlock, Daniel; Pascucci, Ilaria; Scholz, Alexander; Thompson, Mark; Apai, Daniel; Lodato, Giuseppe; Looper, DagnyJournal article
31-Jul-2014The protoplanetary disk of FT Tauri : multi-wavelength data analysis and modelingGarufi, Antonio; Podio, Linda; Kamp, Inga; Ménard, François; Brittain, Sean; Eiroa, Carlos; Montesinos, Benjamin; Alonso-Martinez, Míguel; Thi, Wing-Fai; Woitke, PeterJournal article
Mar-2013Radiation thermo-chemical models of protoplanetary discs IV. Modelling CO ro-vibrational emission from Herbig Ae discsThi, W.F.; Kamp, I.; Woitke, P.; Van Der Plas, G.; Bertelsen, R.; Wiesenfeld, L.Journal article
1-Jun-2014Resolved multifrequency radio observations of GG TauAndrews, S.M.; Chandler, C.J.; Isella, A.; Birnstiel, T.; Rosenfeld, K.A.; Wilner, D.J.; Pérez, L.M.; Ricci, L.; Carpenter, J.M.; Calvet, N.; Corder, S.A.; Deller, A.T.; Dullemond, C.P.; Greaves, J.S.; Harris, R.J.; Henning, T.; Kwon, W.; Lazio, J.; Linz, H.; Mundy, L.G.; Sargent, A.I.; Storm, S.; Testi, L.Journal article
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