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  • The structure of galaxies : the division of stellar mass by morphological type and structural component 

    Kelvin, Lee Steven (University of St Andrews, 2013-06-26) - Thesis
    The mechanisms which cause galaxies to form and evolve each leave behind distinct structural markers in their wake. Dynamically hot processes (e.g., monolithic collapse, hierarchical merging) give rise to pressure-supported ...
  • Targeted advertising on the handset: Privacy and security challenges 

    Haddadi, Hamed; Hui, Pan; Henderson, Tristan; Brown, Ian (Springer, 2011) - Book item
    Online advertising is currently a rich source of revenue for many Internet giants. With the ever-increasing number of smart phones, there is a fertile market for personalised and localised advertising. A key benefit of ...
  • Will it ever be possible to profile the terrorist? 

    Rae, Jonathan A. (Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence, University of St Andrews, 2012-09-22) - Journal article
    This paper critiques the claim that terrorists can be profiled – that is to say that terrorists possess distinguishable attributes that can be conceivably identified by an observer. In doing so, the most prominent profiling ...