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  • Could a change in magnetic field geometry cause the break in the wind-activity relation? 

    Vidotto, Aline; Donati, J.-F.; Jardine, Moira Mary; See, Wyke Chun Victor; Petit, P.; Boisse, I.; Boro Saikia, S.; Hébrard, E.; Jeffers, Sandra Victoria; Marsden, S. C.; Morin, J. (2016-01-01) - Journal article
    Wood et al. suggested that mass-loss rate is a function of X-ray flux (dot{M}∝ F_x^{1.34}) for dwarf stars with Fx ≲ Fx,6 ≡ 106 erg cm-2 s-1. However, more active stars do not obey this relation. These authors suggested ...
  • The shocking transit of WASP-12b : modelling the observed early ingress in the near ultraviolet 

    Llama, Joe; Wood, Kenny; Jardine, Moira Mary; Vidotto, Aline; Helling, Christiane; Fossati, L.; Haswell, C. A. (2011-09) - Journal article
    Near ultraviolet observations of WASP-12b have revealed an early ingress compared to the optical transit lightcurve. This has been interpreted as due to the presence of a magnetospheric bow shock which forms when the ...