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  • Controlling the behavior of single live cells with high density arrays of microscopic OLEDs 

    Steude, Anja; Jahnel, Matthias; Thomschke, Michael; Schober, Matthias; Gather, Malte Christian (2015-12-09) - Journal article
    Microarrays of OLEDs are used to ­optically control the locomotion of individual cells in real time. Close contact (<2 μm) between OLEDs and the aqueous cell culture medium is facilitated by high-performance thin-film ...
  • Dendrimer light-emitting diodes 

    Stevenson, Stuart G. (University of St Andrews, 2008-11-28) - Thesis
    The electronics industry today is one that stands as a multi-billion dollar industry that is increasingly incorporating more and more products that have ever escalating applications in our everyday life. One of the main ...
  • Recent advances in light outcoupling from white organic light-emitting diodes 

    Gather, M.C.; Reineke, S. (2015) - Journal article
    Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) have been successfully introduced to the smartphone display market and have geared up to become contenders for applications in general illumination where they promise to combine efficient ...