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  • The SMN protein is a key regulator of nuclear architecture in differentiating neuroblastoma cells 

    Clelland, Allyson K.; Kinnear, Nicholas P.; Oram, Lisa; Burza, Julie; Sleeman, Judith Elizabeth (2009-11) - Journal article
    The cell nucleus contains two closely related structures, Cajal bodies (CBs) and gems. CBs are the first site of accumulation of newly assembled splicing snRNPs (small nuclear ribonucleoproteins) following their import ...
  • Unusual features of pomoviral RNA movement 

    Torrance, Lesley; Wright, Kathryn M; Crutzen, Francois; Cowan, Graham H; Lukhovitskaya, Nina I; Bragard, Claude; Savenkov, Eugene I (2011-12-22) - Journal article
    Potato mop-top pomovirus (PMTV) is one of a few viruses that can move systemically in plants in the absence of the capsid protein (CP). Pomoviruses encode the triple gene block genetic module of movement proteins (TGB 1, ...