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  • (N)ostalgie? Communism and French literature since 1989 

    Bowd, Gavin (2016-11) - Journal article
    In recent years, the burgeoning field of research on ‘post-communist nostalgia’ has concentrated mainly on the former Eastern Bloc, with Ostalgie for the GDR of particular interest. Study of the memory of communism in ...
  • A rhetoric of nostalgia on the English stage, 1587-1605 

    Johanson, Kristine (University of St Andrews, 2010-06-22) - Thesis
    In locating the idea of nostalgia in early modern English drama, ‘A Rhetoric of Nostalgia on the English Stage, 1587-1605’ recovers an influential and under-examined political discourse in Elizabethan drama. Recognizing ...