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  • The Arabic verb : form and meaning in the vowel-lengthening patterns 

    Danks, Warwick (2010-06-24) - Thesis
    The research presented in this dissertation adopts an empirical Saussurean structuralist approach to elucidating the true meaning of the verb patterns characterised formally by vowel lengthening in Modern Standard Arabic ...
  • From political friendship to befriending the world 

    Hayden, Patrick (2015-08) - Journal article
    Political friendship is typically portrayed as a dyadic relationship. In this traditional model, friendship is conceived as a positive intersubjective experience of relation-to-self and relation-to-other, assuming the ...
  • Mutual honor as motivation : the boasting motif in Phil 1:26 and 2:16 

    Blois, Isaac (University of St Andrews, 2017-11-14) - Thesis
    This thesis 1) argues that Paul’s use of the boasting motif in Philippians (1:26; 2:16; cf. 3:3) presents a mutual boast in which three parties participate: Paul, the Philippians, and God/Christ, and 2) demonstrates that ...