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  • Love and madness in Plato's Phaedrus 

    Fan, Li (University of St Andrews, 2016-06-23) - Thesis
    The central thesis of the dissertation is that in the Phaedrus philosophy is presented as a kind of madness in a strict sense, that is to say, the claim is not that philosophy is necessarily unappreciated by the many, hence ...
  • Sounds of satire, echoes of madness : performance and evaluation in Cefalonia, Greece 

    Pollatou, Efpraxia (University of St Andrews, 2009-08-05) - Thesis
    This thesis is about the construction of 'satire' as an exclusive practice among the Cefalonian and hence proposes the term satiricity (satirikotita). It explores the construction of the category of the Cefalonian "madman" ...
  • Women and nature in the works of French female novelists, 1789-1815 

    Margrave, Christie L. (University of St Andrews, 2015-06-25) - Thesis
    On account of their supposed link to nature, women in post-revolutionary France were pigeonholed into a very restrictive sphere that centred around domesticity and submission to their male counterparts. Yet this thesis ...