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  • Estimating bird abundance : making methods work 

    Buckland, Stephen T.; Marsden, Stuart J.; Green, Rhys E. (2008-09) - Journal article
    In many bird monitoring Surveys, no attempt is made to estimate bird densities or abundance. instead, counts of one form or another are made, and these are assumed to correlate with bird density. Unless complete Counts Oil ...
  • Gente de isla - island people : an ethnography of Apiao, Chiloé, southern Chile 

    Bacchiddu, Giovanna (University of St Andrews, 2008-06-24) - Thesis
    This thesis is based upon fieldwork carried out in the island of Apiao, in the archipelago of Chiloé, southern Chile. It is an ethnographic exploration of the way the small community of Apiao conceive of communication and ...