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  • Effect of defocusing on picosecond laser-coupling into gold cones 

    Bush, I. A.; Thomas, A. G. R.; Gartside, L.; Sarfraz, S.; Wagenaars, E.; Green, J. S.; Notley, M.; Lowe, H.; Spindloe, C.; Winstone, T.; Robinson, A. P. L.; Clarke, R.; Ma, T.; Yabuuchi, T.; Wei, M.; Beg, F. N.; Stephens, R. B.; MacPhee, A.; MacKinnon, A. J.; Key, M. H.; Nazarov, W.; Sherlock, M.; Pasley, J. (2014-01) - Journal article
    Here, we show that defocusing of the laser in the interaction of a picosecond duration, 1.053 μm wavelength, high energy pulse with a cone-wire target does not significantly affect the laser energy coupling efficiency, but ...
  • Phonon-assisted radiative recombination of excitons confined in strongly anisotropic nanostructures 

    Dusanowski, L.; Musial, A.; Marynski, A.; Mrowinski, P.; Andrzejewski, J.; Machnikowski, P.; Misiewicz, J.; Somers, A.; Hoefling, S.; Reithmaier, J. P.; Sek, G. (2014-09-15) - Journal article
    The influence of acoustic phonons on the emission spectra of quantum dashes (QDashes), that are quasi-zero-dimensional epitaxial nanostructures with significant shape anisotropy, is investigated both experimentally and ...
  • Solid state optical conjugated polymer amplifier; with ultrafast gain switching 

    Amarasinghe, Dimali C. V. (University of St Andrews, 2008-11-30) - Thesis
    Conjugated polymers are organic materials which are attractive as optoelectronic devices because they have a combination of broad band emission, high gain, versatility in processing, are ductile and can be electrically ...