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  • The classification of partition homogeneous groups with applications to semigroup theory 

    André, Jorge; Araúo, Joāo; Cameron, Peter Jephson (2016-04-15) - Journal article
    Let λ=(λ1,λ2,...) be a partition of n, a sequence of positive integers in non-increasing order with sum n. Let Ω:={1,...,n}. An ordered partition P=(A1,A2,...) of Ω has type λ if |Ai|=λi.Following Martin and Sagan, we say ...
  • Imprimitive permutations in primitive groups 

    Araújo, Joao; Araújo, Joao Pedro; Cameron, Peter Jephson; Dobson, Ted; Hulpke, Alexander; Lopes, Pedro (2017-09-15) - Journal article
    The goal of this paper is to study primitive groups that are contained in the union of maximal (in the symmetric group) imprimitive groups. The study of types of permutations that appear inside primitive groups goes back ...
  • Interfacing Coq + SSReflect with GAP 

    Komendantsky, Vladimir; Konovalov, Alexander; Linton, Stephen Alexander (2012-09-19) - Journal article
    We report on an extendable implementation of the communication interface connecting Coq proof assistant to the computational algebra system GAP using the Symbolic Computation Software Composability Protocol (SCSCP). It ...