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  • Kindergarten Cop : dynamic nursery resizing for GHC 

    Ferreiro, Henrique; Castro, Laura; Janjic, Vladimir; Hammond, Kevin (ACM, 2016-03-17) - Conference item
    Generational garbage collectors are among the most popular garbage collectors used in programming language runtime systems. Their performance is known to depend heavily on choosing the appropriate size of the area where ...
  • Space cost analysis using sized types 

    Vasconcelos, Pedro B. (University of St Andrews, 2008-11) - Thesis
    Programming resource-sensitive systems, such as real-time embedded systems, requires guaranteeing both the functional correctness of computations and also that time and space usage fits within constraints imposed by hardware ...
  • Towards ‘Metaheuristics in the Large’ 

    Swann, Jerry; Hammond, Kevin (2015-06-07) - Conference paper
    There is a pressing need for a higher-level architectural per- spective in metaheuristics research. This article proposes a purely functional collection of component signatures as a basis for the scalable and automatic ...