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  • 1,4-Oxazine 

    Aitken, R Alan; Aitken, Kati Marianne; Carruthers, Phillip G; Jean, Marc-Alexandre; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya (2013) - Journal article
    The fundamental heterocyclic compound 1,4-oxazine has been generated using FVP. It is the first parent heterocycle among all the possible isomeric oxazines, thiazines and their heavier atom analogues to be characterised ...
  • Flash vacuum pyrolysis of α-acyl-o-methoxybenzylidenetriphenylphosphoranes to give 2-substituted benzofurans 

    Aitken, R. Alan (ARKAT, 2000) - Journal article
    The title stabilised ylides, readily prepared in one step from acid chlorides, are converted upon FVP at 850 °C into 2-substituted benzofurans. When the acyl group is aromatic it appears unchanged as the 2- substituent in ...