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    • Apes have culture but may not know that they do 

      Gruber, Thibaud; Zuberbuehler, Klaus; Clement, Fabrice; van Schaik, Carel (2015-02-06) - Journal article
      There is good evidence that some ape behaviors can be transmitted socially and that this can lead to group-specific traditions. However, many consider animal traditions, including those in great apes, to be fundamentally ...
    • Why mutual helping in most natural systems is neither conflict-free nor based on maximal conflict 

      Bshary, Redouan; Zuberbuhler, Klaus; van Schaik, Carel (2016-02) - Journal article
      Mutual helping for direct benefits can be explained by various game theoretical models, which differ mainly in terms of the underlying conflict of interest between two partners. Conflict is minimal if helping is self-serving ...