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    • Qualitative investigation into students’ use of divergence and curl in electromagnetism 

      Bollen, Laurens; van Kampen, Paul; Baily, Charles; De Cock, Mieke (2016-10-19) - Journal article
      Many students struggle with the use of mathematics in physics courses. Although typically well trained in rote mathematical calculation, they often lack the ability to apply their acquired skills to physical contexts. Such ...
    • Student difficulties regarding symbolic and graphical representations of vector fields 

      Bollen, Laurens; van Kampen, Paul; Baily, Charles; Kelly, Mossy; De Cock, Mieke (2017-08-16) - Journal article
      The ability to switch between various representations is an invaluable problem-solving skill in physics. In addition, research has shown that using multiple representations can greatly enhance a person’s understanding of ...
    • Student thinking about the divergence and curl in mathematics and physics contexts 

      Baily, Charles; Bollen, Laurens; Pattie, Andrew; van Kampen, Paul; De Cock, Mieke (American Association of Physics Teachers, 2016-12-16) - Conference item
      Undergraduate physics students are known to have difficulties with understanding mathematical tools, and with applying their knowledge of mathematics to physical contexts. Using survey statements based on student interviews ...