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    • Global non-potential magnetic models of the solar corona during the March 2015 eclipse 

      Yeates, A. R.; Amari, Tahar; Contopoulos, Ioannis; Feng, Xueshang; Mackay, D. H.; Mikić, Zoran; Wiegelmann, Thomas; Hutton, Joseph; Lowder, Christopher A.; Morgan, Huw; Petrie, Gordon; Rachmeler, L. A.; Upton, Lisa A.; Canou, Aurelien; Chopin, Pierre; Downs, Cooper; Druckmüller, Miloslav; Linker, Jon A.; Seaton, Daniel B.; Török, Tibor (2018-08) - Journal article
      Seven different models are applied to the same problem of simulating the Sun’s coronal magnetic field during the solar eclipse on 2015 March 20. All of the models are non-potential, allowing for free magnetic energy, but ...
    • Magneto-static modeling of the mixed plasma Beta solar atmosphere based on SUNRISE/IMaX data 

      Wiegelmann, Thomas; Neukirch, Thomas; Nickeler, Dieter; Solanki, Sami; Martinez Pillet, Valentin; Borrero, Juan Manule (2015-12) - Journal article
      Our aim is to model the 3D magnetic field structure of the upper solar atmosphere, including regions of non-negligible plasma beta. We use high-resolution photospheric magnetic field measurements from SUNRISE/IMaX as ...