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    • Annotated BPMN models for optimised healthcare resource planning 

      Bowles, Juliana Kuster Filipe; Czekster, Ricardo; Webber, Thais (Springer, 2018) - Conference item
      There is an unquestionable need to improve healthcare processes across all levels of care in order to optimise the use of resources whilst guaranteeing high quality care to patients. However, healthcare processes are ...
    • Estimating capacity and resource allocation in healthcare settings using business process modelling and simulation 

      Redeker, Guilherme; Webber, Thais; Czekster, Ricardo; Quickert, Sandra; Bowles, Juliana Kuster Filipe (Sociedade Brasileira de Computação (SBC), 2017-07-02) - Conference item
      Healthcare involves complex decision making from planning to resource management. Resources in hospitals are usually allocated by experienced managers,however, due to an inherent process complexity, decisions are surrounded ...