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    • Chimpanzees prioritise social information over pre-existing behaviours in a group context but not in dyads 

      Watson, Stuart; Lambeth, Susan P.; Schapiro, Steven J.; Whiten, Andrew (2018-03-24) - Journal article
      How animal communities arrive at homogeneous behavioural preferences is a central question for studies of cultural evolution. Here, we investigated whether chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) would relinquish a pre-existing ...
    • Encoding complex valued fields using intensity 

      De Tommasi, Edoardo; Lavanga, Luigi; Watson, Stuart; Mazilu, Michael (2016-10-03) - Journal article
      We present an approach enabling the representation of complex values using intensity only fields.  The method can be used for imaging with structured illumination and allows the study of new propagating physical quantities ...