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  • Flexible nanowire cluster as wearable colorimetric humidity sensor 

    Wei, Zhiqiang; Zhou, Zhang-Kai; Li, Qiuyu; Xue, Jiancai; Di Falco, Andrea; Yang, Zhongjian; Zhou, Jianhua; Wang, Xuehua (2017-07-19) - Journal article
    Wearable plasmonic devices combine the advantages of high flexibility, ultrathinness, light weight, and excellent integration with the optical benefits mediated by plasmon-enhanced electric fields. However, two obstacles ...
  • High speed e-beam writing for large area photonic nanostructures—a choice of parameters 

    Li, Kezheng; Li, Juntao; Reardon, Christopher; Schuster, Christian S.; Wang, Yue; Triggs, Graham J.; Damnik, Niklas; Muënchenberger, Jana; Wang, Xuehua; Martins, Emiliano R.; Krauss, Thomas F. (2016-09-16) - Journal article
    Photonic nanostructures are used for many optical systems and applications. However, some high-end applications require the use of electron-beam lithography (EBL) to generate such nanostructures. An important technological ...
  • Spatial resolution effect of light coupling structures 

    Li, Juntao; Li, Kezheng; Schuster, Christian; Su, Rongbin; Wang, Xuehua; Borges, Ben-Hur V.; Krauss, Thomas F.; Martins, Emiliano R. (2015-12-18) - Journal article
    The coupling of light between free space and thin film semiconductors is an essential requirement of modern optoelectronic technology. For monochromatic and single mode devices, high performance grating couplers have been ...