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    • Quantum oscillations and high carrier mobility in the delafossite PdCoO2 

      Hicks, Clifford William; Gibbs, Alexandra Sarah; Mackenzie, Andrew; Takatsu, Hiroshi; Maeno, Yoshiteru; Yelland, Edward Alexander (2012-09) - Journal article
      We present de Haas-van Alphen and resistivity data on single crystals of the delafossite PdCoO2. At 295 K we measure an in-plane resistivity of 2.6 μΩcm, making PdCoO2 the most conductive oxide known. The low-temperature ...
    • Quantum oscillations and magnetic reconstruction in the delafossite PdCrO2 

      Hicks, Clifford W.; Gibbs, Alexandra S.; Zhao, Lishan; Kushwaha, Pallavi; Borrmann, Horst; Mackenzie, Andrew P.; Takatsu, Hiroshi; Yonezawa, Shingo; Maeno, Yoshiteru; Yelland, Edward A. (2015-07-29) - Journal article
      We report quantum oscillation data on the metallic triangular antiferromagnet PdCrO2. We find that, to very high accuracy, the observed frequencies of PdCrO2 can be reproduced by reconstruction of the (nonmagnetic) PdCoO2 ...