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    • A reverberation-based black hole mass for MCG-06-30-15 

      Bentz, Misty C.; Cackett, Edward M.; Crenshaw, D. Michael; Horne, Keith; Street, Rachel; Ou-Yang, Benjamin (2016-10-20) - Journal article
      We present the results of a reverberation campaign targeting MGC-06-30-15. Spectrophotometric monitoring and broad-band photometric monitoring over the course of 4 months in the spring of 2012 allowed a determination of a ...
    • A search for extra-solar planetary transits in the field of open cluster NGC 6819 

      Street, Rachel (University of St Andrews, 2002) - Thesis
      The technique of searching for extra-solar planetary transits is investigated. This technique, which relies on detecting the brief, shallow eclipses caused by planets passing across the line of sight to the primary star, ...