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    • Belief and action 

      Pehrson, Claud W. P. (University of St Andrews, 1976) - Thesis
      The role of "believes" is identified by finding a unique and unparaphraseable use of the term that is integral to the structure of important forms of language. This role can only be roughly indicated here. Roughly, "believes" ...
    • Content and computation : a critical study of some themes in Jerry Fodor's philosophy of mind 

      Cain, Mark (University of St Andrews, 1997-06) - Thesis
      In this thesis I address certain key issues in contemporary philosophy of mind and psychology via a study of Jerry Fodor's hugely important contributions to the discussion of those issues. The issues in question are: (i) ...
    • Freud's concept of the unconscious 

      Lewczuk, Zinaida (University of St Andrews, 1983) - Thesis
    • The pattern in the weave : an account of Wittgenstein's remarks on meaning-as-use and of their relation to social psychology 

      McKinlay, Andrew (University of St Andrews, 1989) - Thesis
      The thesis begins with a criticism of the 'theory of meaning' approach to the philosophy of language. It then goes on to establish an account of language understanding in terms of Wittgenstein's comments on rule-following ...
    • Remembering dreams 

      Robertson, Michael (University of St Andrews, 1994-07) - Thesis
      This thesis concludes that our commonplace conviction that dreams are dreamt during sleep and remembered or forgotten upon waking is, at best, a speculative hypothesis open to a very reasonable scepticism. The conclusion ...