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    • Increased STAT1 signaling in endocrine-resistant breast cancer 

      Huang, Rui; Faratian, Dana; Sims, Andrew H; Wilson, Danielle; Thomas, Jeremy S; Harrison, David J; Langdon, Simon P (2014-04-11) - Journal article
      Proteomic profiling of the estrogen/tamoxifen-sensitive MCF-7 cell line and its partially sensitive (MCF-7/LCC1) and fully resistant (MCF-7/LCC9) variants was performed to identify modifiers of endocrine sensitivity in ...
    • Targeting of Rac GTPases blocks the spread of intact human breast cancer 

      Katz, Elad; Sims, Andrew H; Sproul, Duncan; Caldwell, Helen; Dixon, Mike; Meehan, Richard R; Harrison, David J (2012-06) - Journal article
      High expression of Rac small GTPases in invasive breast ductal carcinoma is associated with poor prognosis, but its therapeutic value in human cancers is not clear. The aim of the current study was to determine the response ...
    • Tissue of origin determines cancer-associated CpG island promoter hypermethylation patterns 

      Sproul, Duncan; Kitchen, Robert R; Nestor, Colm E; Dixon, J Michael; Sims, Andrew H; Harrison, David J; Ramsahoye, Bernard H; Meehan, Richard R (2012-10-03) - Journal article
      ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: Aberrant CpG island promoter DNA hypermethylation is frequently observed in cancer and is believed to contribute to tumor progression by silencing the expression of tumor suppressor genes. Previously, ...