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    • The astrobiology of the anthropocene 

      Haqq-Misra, Jacob; Som, Sanjoy; Mullan, Brendan; Loureiro, Rafael; Schwieterman, Edward; Seyler, Lauren; Mogosanu, Haritina; Frank, Adam; Wolf, Eric; Forgan, Duncan; Cockell, Charles; Sullivan, Woodruff (2018-01-07) - Working or discussion paper
      Human influence on the biosphere has been evident at least since the development of widespread agriculture, and some stratigraphers have suggested that the activities of modern civilization indicate a geological epoch ...
    • The pale orange dot : the spectrum and habitability of hazy Archean Earth 

      Arney, Giada; Domagal-Goldman, Shawn D.; Meadows, Victoria S.; Wolf, Eric T.; Schwieterman, Edward; Charnay, Benjamin; Claire, Mark; Hébrard, Eric; Trainer, Melissa G. (2016-11-01) - Journal article
      Recognizing whether a planet can support life is a primary goal of future exoplanet spectral characterization missions, but past research on habitability assessment has largely ignored the vastly different conditions that ...