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  • Estimating resource acquisition and at-sea body condition of a marine predator 

    Schick, Robert Schilling; New, Leslie; Thomas, Len; Costa, Daniel; Hindell, Mark; McMahon, Clive; Robinson, Patrick; Simmons, Samantha; Thums, Michele; Harwood, John; Clark, James (2013) - Journal article
    (1) Body condition plays a fundamental role in many ecological and evolutionary processes at a variety of scales and across a broad range of animal taxa. An understanding of how body condition changes at fine spatial and ...
  • Expert elicitation of seasonal abundance of North Atlantic right whales Eubalaena glacialis in the mid-Atlantic 

    Oedekoven, Cornelia Sabrina; Fleishman, Erica; Hamilton, Philip; Clark, James S.; Schick, Robert Schilling (2015) - Journal article
    North Atlantic right whales (Eubalaena glacialis; henceforth right whales) are among the most endangered large whales. Although protected since 1935, their abundance has remained low. Right whales occupy the Atlantic Ocean ...
  • MapMySmoke–a context aware mobile phone application targeted at smoking cessation 

    Schick, Robert Schilling; Humphris, Gerald Michael; Kelsey, Thomas William; Marston, John; Sampson, Kay (2016-11-22) - Conference poster
  • The modelling and assessment of whale-watching impacts 

    New, Leslie Frances; Hall, Ailsa Jane; Harcourt, R.; Kaufman, G.; Parsons, E.C.M.; Pearson, H.C.; Cosentino, A.M.; Schick, Robert Schilling (2015-10) - Journal article
    In recent years there has been significant interest in modelling cumulative effects and the population consequences of individual changes in cetacean behaviour and physiology due to disturbance. One potential source of ...
  • Modelling group dynamic animal movement 

    Langrock, Roland; Hopcraft, Grant; Blackwell, Paul; Goodall, Victoria; King, Ruth; Niu, Mu; Patterson, Toby; Pedersen, Martin; Skarin, Anna; Schick, Robert Schilling (2014-02) - Journal article
    1). Group dynamics are a fundamental aspect of many species' movements. The need to adequately model individuals' interactions with other group members has been recognized, particularly in order to differentiate the role ...
  • Pelagic movements of pacific leatherback turtles (Dermochelys coriacea) reveal the complex role of prey and ocean currents 

    Schick, Robert Schilling; Roberts, Jason; Eckert, Scott; Clark, James; Bailey, Helen; Chai, Fei; Shi, Li; Halpin, Patrick (2013-11-20) - Journal article
    Background: Leatherback turtles are renowned for their trans-oceanic migrations. However, despite numerous movement studies, the precise drivers of movement patterns in leatherbacks remain elusive. Many previous studies ...
  • Using hierarchical bayes to understand movement, health, and survival in the endangered North Atlantic right whale 

    Schick, Robert Schilling; Kraus, Scott D.; Rolland, Rosalind M.; Knowlton, Amy R.; Hamilton, Philip K.; Pettis, Heather M.; Kenney, Robert D.; Clark, James S. (2013-06) - Journal article
    Body condition is an indicator of health, and it plays a key role in many vital processes for mammalian species. While evidence of individual body condition can be obtained, these observations provide just brief glimpses ...