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    • Activity profiles and hook-tool use of New Caledonian crows recorded by bird-borne video cameras 

      Troscianko, Jolyon; Rutz, Christian (2015-12-23) - Journal article
      New Caledonian crows are renowned for their unusually sophisticated tool behaviour. Despite decades of fieldwork, however, very little is known about how they make and use their foraging tools in the wild, which is largely ...
    • Animal cultures matter for conservation 

      Brakes, Philippa; Dall, Sasha R. X.; Aplin, Lucy M.; Bearhop, Stuart; Carroll, Emma L.; Ciucci, Paolo; Fishlock, Vicki; Ford, John K. B.; Garland, Ellen C.; Keith, Sally A.; McGregor, Peter K.; Mesnick, Sarah L.; Noad, Michael J.; Notarbartolo di Sciara, Giuseppe; Robbins, Martha M.; Simmonds, Mark P.; Spina, Fernando; Thornton, Alex; Wade, Paul R.; Whiting, Martin J.; Williams, James; Rendell, Luke; Whitehead, Hal; Whiten, Andrew; Rutz, Christian (2019-03-08) - Journal article
      Understanding the rich social lives of animals benefits international conservation efforts.
    • Calibrating animal-borne proximity loggers 

      Rutz, Christian; Morrissey, Michael Blair; Burns, Zackory; Burt, John; Otis, Brian; St Clair, James; James, Richard (2015-06) - Journal article
      1. Growing interest in the structure and dynamics of animal social networks has stimulated efforts to develop automated tracking technologies that can reliably record encounters in free-ranging subjects. A particularly ...
    • Causes and consequences of tool shape variation in New Caledonian crows 

      Sugasawa, Shoko; Klump, Barbara Christina; St Clair, James J. H.; Rutz, Christian (2017-12-18) - Journal article
      Hominins have been making tools for over three million years [1], yet the earliest known hooked tools appeared as recently as 90,000 years ago [2]. Hook innovation is likely to have boosted our ancestors’ hunting and fishing ...
    • Cognitive processes associated with sequential tool use in New Caledonian crows 

      Wimpenny, Joanna H.; Weir, Alex A. S.; Clayton, Lisa; Rutz, Christian; Kacelnik, Alex (2009-08-05) - Journal article
      Background: Using tools to act on non-food objects-for example, to make other tools-is considered to be a hallmark of human intelligence, and may have been a crucial step in our evolution. One form of this behaviour, ...
    • Context-dependent 'safekeeping' of foraging tools in New Caledonian crows 

      Klump, Barbara Christina; van der Wal, Jessica Eva Megan; St Clair, James; Rutz, Christian (2015-05-20) - Journal article
      Several animal species use tools for foraging, such as sticks to extract embedded arthropods and honey, or stones to crack open nuts and eggs. While providing access to nutritious foods, these behaviours may incur significant ...
    • Discovery of species-wide tool use in the Hawaiian crow 

      Rutz, Christian; Klump, Barbara Christina; Komarczyk, Lisa; Leighton, Rosanna; Kramer, Joshua; Wischnewski, Saskia; Sugasawa, Shoko; Morrissey, Michael Blair; James, Richard; St Clair, James; Switzer, Richard A.; Masuda, Bryce M. (2016-09-15) - Journal article
      Only a handful of bird species are known to use foraging tools in the wild1. Amongst them, the New Caledonian crow (Corvus moneduloides) stands out with its sophisticated tool-making skills2, 3. Despite considerable ...
    • Experimental resource pulses influence social-network dynamics and the potential for information flow in tool-using crows 

      St Clair, James; Burns, Zackory; Bettaney, Elaine; Morrissey, Michael Blair; Otis, Brian; Ryder, Brandt; Fleischer, Robert; James, Richard; Rutz, Christian (2015-11-03) - Journal article
      Social-network dynamics have profound consequences for biological processes such as information flow, but are notoriously difficult to measure in the wild. We used novel transceiver technology to chart association patterns ...
    • Hook innovation boosts foraging efficiency in tool-using crows 

      St Clair, James J. H.; Klump, Barbara C.; Sugasawa, Shoko; Higgott, Caitlin G.; Colegrave, Nick; Rutz, Christian (2018-01-22) - Journal article
      The New Caledonian crow is the only non-human animal known to craft hooked tools in the wild, but the ecological benefit of these relatively complex tools remains unknown. Here, we show that crows acquire food several times ...
    • Hook tool manufacture in New Caledonian crows : behavioural variation and the influence of raw materials 

      Klump, Barbara Christina; Sugasawa, Shoko; St Clair, James; Rutz, Christian (2015-11-18) - Journal article
      Background: New Caledonian crows use a range of foraging tools, and are the only non-human species known to craft hooks. Based on a small number of observations, their manufacture of hooked stick tools has previously been ...
    • Investigating the behavioural consequences of evolutionary signal loss in the context of a naturalistic environment 

      Schneider, Will (University of St Andrews, 2019-06-26) - Thesis
      The evolutionary loss of sexual traits is thought to be common, but empirical examples of it occurring are rare. In this thesis, I investigate social and other behavioural factors that might facilitate signal loss. ...
    • New Caledonian crows attend to multiple functional properties of complex tools 

      St Clair, James J H; Rutz, Christian (2013-11) - Journal article
      The ability to attend to the functional properties of foraging tools should affect energy-intake rates, fitness components and ultimately the evolutionary dynamics of tool-related behaviour. New Caledonian crows Corvus ...
    • Nuthatch uses tool in London park 

      Rutz, Christian; Deans, Simon (2018-02) - Journal article
      Here, we report an observation of a Eurasian nuthatch Sitta europaea foraging with a tool in a public park in Greater London, UK. This record is of significance, as it provides the first photographic evidence (to our ...
    • Population genomics and structure of the critically endangered Mariana Crow (Corvus kubaryi) 

      Cortes-Rodriguez, Nandadevi; Campana, Michael G.; Berry, Lainie; Faegre, Sarah; Derrickson, Scott R.; Robinette Ha, Renne; Dickow, Rebecca B.; Rutz, Christian; Fleischer, Robert C. (2019-03-01) - Journal article
      The Mariana Crow, or Åga (Corvus kubaryi), is a critically endangered species (IUCN - International Union for Conservation of Nature), endemic to the islands of Guam and Rota in the Mariana Archipelago. It is locally extinct ...
    • Preliminary observations of tool-processing behaviour in Hawaiian crows Corvus hawaiiensis 

      Klump, Barbara C.; Masuda, Bryce M.; St Clair, James J. H.; Rutz, Christian (2018-10-21) - Journal article
      Very few animal species habitually make and use foraging tools. We recently discovered that the Hawaiian crow is a highly skilled, natural tool user. Most captive adults in our experiment spontaneously used sticks to access ...
    • Processing and visualising association data from animal-borne proximity loggers 

      Bettaney, Elaine; James, Richard; St Clair, James; Rutz, Christian (2015-08-29) - Journal article
      Background With increasing interest in animal social networks, field biologists have started exploring the use of advanced tracking technologies for mapping social encounters in free-ranging subjects. Proximity logging, ...
    • Raw-material selectivity in hook-tool-crafting New Caledonian crows 

      Klump, Barbara Christina; Cantat, Mathieu; Rutz, Christian (2019-02) - Journal article
      Animals that manufacture foraging tools face the challenge of identifying suitable raw materials among a multitude of options. New Caledonian crows exhibit strong population-specific material preferences for the manufacture ...
    • Real-time anti-poaching tags could help prevent imminent species extinctions 

      O’Donoghue, Paul; Rutz, Christian (2016-02) - Journal article
      At an estimated $7–10 billion annually, the global trade in illegal wildlife parts is comparable in economic value to human trafficking, and the smuggling of weapons and drugs (Wasser et al. 2008; Wyler & Sheikh 2013). ...
    • Sources of variation in the tool-use behaviour of two tropical island corvids 

      Klump, Barbara Christina (University of St Andrews, 2017-06-21) - Thesis
    • Strong between-site variation in New Caledonian crows' use of hook-tool-making materials 

      St Clair, James; Klump, Barbara Christina; van der Wal, Jessica Eva Megan; Sugasawa, Shoko; Rutz, Christian (2016-06) - Journal article
      Functional tool use requires the selection of appropriate raw materials. New Caledonian crows Corvus moneduloides are known for their extraordinary tool-making behaviour, including the crafting of hooked stick tools from ...