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    • DESNT : a poor prognosis category of human prostate cancer 

      Luca, Bogdan-Alexandru; Brewer, Daniel S.; Edwards, Dylan R.; Edwards, Sandra; Whitaker, Hayley C.; Merson, Sue; Dennis, Nening; Cooper, Rosalin A.; Hazell, Steven; Warren, Anne Y.; Eeles, Rosalind; Lynch, Andy G.; Ross-Adams, Helen; Lamb, Alastair D.; Neal, David E.; Sethia, Krishna; Mills, Robert D.; Ball, Richard Y.; Curley, Helen; Clark, Jeremy; Moulton, Vincent; Cooper, Colin S. (2018-12) - Journal article
      Background : A critical problem in the clinical management of prostate cancer is that it is highly heterogeneous. Accurate prediction of individual cancer behaviour is therefore not achievable at the time of diagnosis ...
    • The early effects of rapid androgen deprivation on human prostate cancer 

      Shaw, Greg L.; Whitaker, Hayley; Corcoran, Marie; Dunning, Mark J.; Luxton, Hayley; Kay, Jonathan; Massie, Charlie E.; Miller, Jodi L.; Lamb, Alastair D.; Ross-Adams, Helen; Russell, Roslin; Nelson, Adam W.; Eldridge, Matthew D.; Lynch, Andrew G.; Ramos-Montoya, Antonio; Mills, Ian G.; Taylor, Angela E.; Arlt, Wiebke; Shah, Nimish; Warren, Anne Y.; Neal, David E. (2016-08) - Journal article
      The androgen receptor (AR) is the dominant growth factor in prostate cancer (PCa). Therefore, understanding how ARs regulate the human transcriptome is of paramount importance. The early effects of castration on human PCa ...
    • HES5 silencing is an early and recurrent change in prostate tumourigenesis 

      Massie, Charles E.; Spiteri, Inmaculada; Ross-Adams, Helen; Luxton, Hayley; Kay, Jonathan; Whitaker, Hayley C.; Dunning, Mark J.; Lamb, Alastair D.; Ramos-Montoya, Antonio; Brewer, Daniel S.; Cooper, Colin S.; Eeles, Rosalind; Warren, Anne Y.; Tavaré, Simon; Neal, David E.; Lynch, Andy G.; UK Prostate ICGC Group (2015-04-01) - Journal article
      Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, resulting in over 10 000 deaths/year in the UK. Sequencing and copy number analysis of primary tumours has revealed heterogeneity within tumours and an absence of recurrent ...
    • Mining human prostate cancer datasets : the “camcAPP” shiny app 

      Dunning, Mark J.; Vowler, Sarah L.; Lalonde, Emilie; Ross-Adams, Helen; Boutros, Paul; Mills, Ian G.; Lynch, Andy G.; Lamb, Alastair D. (2017-03) - Journal item