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    • The concreteness of concrete art 

      Rider, Alistair (2015) - Journal article
      An analysis of the use of the term 'concrete' in twentieth-century art.
    • Donald Judd writings. Edited by Flavin Judd and Caitlin Murray 

      Rider, Alistair (2017-11) - Journal item
      A review of the Collected Writings of the US sculptor Donald Judd
    • The routine art 

      Rider, Alistair (Open Editions, 2016-04-19) - Book item
      This essay examines a trend within contemporary art, in which artists make their lifestyle or a specific ongoing activity as significant as any completed work of art that they might produce.
    • The seasons in the city : artists and rural worlds in the era of Calvino and Pasolini 

      Rattalino, Elisabetta (University of St Andrews, 2018) - Thesis
      The Seasons in the City. Artists and Rural Worlds in the Era of Calvino and Pasolini explores rurality in postwar Italy. Between 1958 and 1963, the country underwent an unprecedented yet uneven industrialisation, a period ...
    • The skin is a screen 

      Rider, Alistair (NYUAD Gallery, 2016-03) - Book item
      This essay discusses works produced over the first ten years of the career of the Syrian American artist Diana Al-Hadid, and is to be published in an exhibition catalogue entitled "Diana Al-Hadid: Phantom Limb", in conjunction ...