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    • Adding happy people 

      Pummer, Theron Gene (Oxford University Press, 2016-09-22) - Book item
    • Each-we dilemmas and effective altruism 

      Clark, Matthew; Pummer, Theron Gene (2019-07-02) - Journal article
      In his interesting and provocative article ‘Being Good in a World of Need’, Larry Temkin argues for the possibility of a type of Each-We Dilemma in which, if we each produce the most good we can individually, we produce a ...
    • Spectrum arguments and hypersensitivity 

      Pummer, Theron Gene (2018-07) - Journal article
      Larry Temkin famously argues that what he calls spectrum arguments yield strong reason to reject Transitivity, according to which the ‘all-things-considered better than’ relation is transitive. Spectrum arguments do reveal ...
    • Whether and Where to Give 

      Pummer, Theron Gene (2016-08-22) - Journal article
      Effective altruists recommend that we give large sums to charity, but by far their more central message is that we give effectively, i.e., to whatever charities would do the most good per dollar donated. In this paper, ...