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    • Behaviour of zircon and its isotopic systems during intracrustal differentiation 

      Fischer, Sebastian (University of St Andrews, 2018-06-27) - Thesis
    • Duration and nature of the end-Cryogenian (Marinoan) glaciation 

      Prave, Anthony Robert; Condon, Daniel J.; Hoffmann, Karl Heinz; Tapster, Simon; Fallick, Anthony Edward (2016-08-01) - Journal article
      The end-Cryogenian glaciation (Marinoan) is portrayed commonly as the archetype of snowball Earth, yet its duration and character remain uncertain. Here we report U-Pb zircon ages for two ash beds from widely separated ...
    • Not so non-marine? Revisiting the Stoer Group and the Mesoproterozoic biosphere 

      Stueeken, Eva Elisabeth; Bellefroid, Eric; Prave, Anthony Robert; Asael, Dan; Planavsky, Noah; Lyons, Timothy (2017-06-13) - Journal article
      The Poll a’Mhuilt Member of the Stoer Group (Torridonian Supergroup) in Scotland has been heralded as a rare window into the ecology of Mesoproterozoic terrestrial environments. Its unusually high molybdenum concentrations ...
    • Two-billion-year-old evaporites capture Earth's great oxidation 

      Blättler, Clara; Claire, Mark; Prave, Anthony Robert; Zerkle, Aubrey Lea; Warke, Matthew Robert (2018-03-22) - Journal article
      Major changes in atmospheric and ocean chemistry occurred in the Paleoproterozoic Era (2.5–1.6 billion years ago). Increasing oxidation dramatically changed Earth’s surface, but few quantitative constraints exist on this ...