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  • Canonical quantization of macroscopic electromagnetism 

    Philbin, Thomas Gerard (2010-12) - Journal article
    Application of the standard canonical quantization rules of quantum field theory to macroscopic electromagnetism has encountered obstacles due to material dispersion and absorption. This has led to a phenomenological ...
  • Casimir effect from macroscopic quantum electrodynamics 

    Philbin, Thomas Gerard (2011-06) - Journal article
    The canonical quantization of macroscopic electromagnetism was recently presented in (Philbin 2010 New J. Phys. 12 123008). This theory is used here to derive the Casimir effect, by considering the special case of thermal ...
  • Horizon effects with surface waves on moving water 

    Rousseau, G.; Maissa, P.; Coullet, P.; Philbin, Thomas Gerard; Leonhardt, Ulf (2010-09) - Journal article
    Surface waves on a stationary flow of water are considered in a linear model that includes the surface tension of the fluid. The resulting gravity-capillary waves experience a rich array of horizon effects when propagating ...